Seven years

She could see them leaning over, whispering to each other, snickering before leaving. She pretends not to see, returning to her book, but her mouth tugs and twitches as the weight becomes too much. Shaking off the weight of ostracisation, she blinks through and reads. Bright colourful words snake across the page.

“Did you know? Every seven years your body is completely new with every single cell replaced!”

Seven years. She was fourteen, so she had to have a new body soon. Putting her book away, she starts her long trek home.

A new body… she wonders if she can get a fresh set of personality, one that would allow her to blend in and mix with the crowd, just like Kate. Kate was cool. Everybody loved Kate… Not like her. Little girl with the chubby cheeks and short hair.

She wonders if she’ll be blessed with long hair, but mother never lets her do so. Too hard to keep. What did she know? She wasn’t that great herself.

A sudden wind blows, chilling her as she tries to zip up. A nearby tree flutters and seems to cackle. She replies with a stare. Stupid boys. Stupid people. So what if she had short hair? The tree falls silent as the air stills itself. She looks away, ashamed to have offended its feelings.

Wondering if trees change every seven years too, she looks around and slowly drops her bag as she approaches the tree. Looking around once more to confirm her solitude, she reaches out and hugs the rough bark.

Tears run down two plump, red cheeks as relief rushes through her, cut short as she accidentally cuts herself against a sharp edge. She pulls away, hurt. But she can’t look away.

Mesmerised by the blood coating a section of the tree trunk, she rubs her eyes dry, assured that a part of her would be found somewhere in the world even after she turns fifteen, even after she changes.


Dear Jack

If you’re reading this, it would mean that you know I’m dead and, more importantly, that you’re alive.

I’m sorry to have kept this a secret. I had hoped to keep you in the shadows. I hope you’ll forgive me.

I can almost hear you asking me why. The last thing I can give you, perhaps, is a piece of mind and a father’s love; an explanation.

I watched you when you were born, stood over you as you took your first steps, listened from the shadows for any signs of danger as you made friends, held you in my arms when your first relationship broke down.

But it wasn’t the same after your mother left. I know I haven’t been a good father after those early years, with a bottle of… well, that poison, always beside me. Even then, when I heard that you were in a coma I… I couldn’t. I couldn’t keep drinking any more. I couldn’t lose you too, not after your mother.

It took me three years and your accident, but you, Jack, it was ultimately you that reminded me of what my life meant, and I couldn’t just stand by after you had given me such an amazing, wonderful gift… So wonderful indeed…

So I gave you my heart when they told me yours was failing.

These are my last words, but it’s ok, because I know that my heart is beating inside you, and I hope that, just like how you gave me meaning, my heart will always pump life and hope inside you.

I love you Jack. I know it doesn’t always seem like I have but it was always deep down there, inside, somewhere…

Live your life Jack. Live the life I couldn’t bear to!

Forever by your side,
Samuel Evergreen

Mars One

Note: I’m wondering if I should put more notes before my story, maybe for something like background or stuff. I know we should source and state where we got our inspirations from but urgh, I had hoped to make this blog suuuper impersonal. Still! Change is good. In any case, this story excites me. The Mars One project is something so incredible, and the people who will be living on Mars for the rest of their lives are being chosen now.

“Mommy?” She buzzes through her space suit.

“Yes honey?” Mommy replies, holding her hand as she notices that her visor points out to space.

“That’s Earth right?”

“Yes honey.”

“There’s others like me there, right?”

“Mm hmm, and they’re going to visit you some day, here on Mars!”

She loosens her grip and lets her hand fall. “Can they come now?”

She feels the suit depress as her mother puts an arm around her shoulder. “They’re busy trying to fix home, but they’ll be here soon.”

She leans into mother as she kept her gaze fixed, and as she went through all the stories that mother told her, Earth stared back at the girl, shining bright with promises and possibilities.

Next door neighbour

*Knock knock*

The door is opened by a boy. His eyes are striking, giving a sense of age well beyond his years, yet the sucking of his thumb and the uncertainty of this visit betrays his age.


He seems to contemplate his next action before quickly closing the door shut. Puzzled, you knock again. There is the sound of footsteps scampering up some stairs and another, older, deeper voice in a reprimanding tone.

The door bursts open again, the boy now replaced by a middle-aged man, making no effort to hide his beer belly. “Yeah?” He asks as he scans you.

“Oh, I’m, I’m the new neighbour. Nice to er, nice to meet up! I mean, meet you!” You let out a nervous laugh. “Ah, I brought some cake for you, I baked it myself and I just moved in, so I hope to get to know you better.”

“Yea, cool, thanks, pleased to meet you, I’m busy, see you soon.” He punctuates all of this with a nod, grabs the cake, slams the door.

As you walk away, you hear the sound of a little boy crying and a harsh shouting.

A promise broken

Note: I am sorry, I have been away for a while now. I’ve been distracted and busy with my life (essays, Chinese New Year, and so on) and rearranging priorities/recharging. I may be reducing the frequency of the blog posts I do from now on, since it does take up a lot of juice trying to be either technical or creative, and I do not feel like I’m improving in either aspect much. Still, until then, I shall get back to this.

Visiting hours were nearly over, but one prisoner sat behind the reinforced glass window, expressionless, mirroring the woman he was staring at.

She stared back, green eyes scanning the face before her, trying to find some meaning behind the events recently. Five minutes passed that way, punctuated only by the prisoner swallowing a minute in, his eyes tilted at an angle down.

He breathes in deep, looks like he’s about to say something, but can only bite his lip as he exhales, eyes watering up as he reads her lips.

“Why?” she mouths, the word orphaned from the air powering it.

He looks up at her, scrunches his face up, settles on a light frown as he fixes his gaze on her. “You don’t know?” he asks with his slightly tilted head and pressed lips.

It’s her turn to look away as she licks her lips. She remembers the moment when she decided that the relationship had not been spiced up enough since marriage, decided to fabricate a little lie to create some fire.

she fires back with clenched fists and a stiff back. “It was not real… you know that.”

His shoulders sag, “That isn’t the way to communicate these things…” he whispers.

“Neither is a shotgun blast to his face,” she replies.

“You promised… you promised you wouldn’t cheat on me again.” He whimpers.

“And you promised you would not touch alcohol again. I guess we broke our promises didn’t we?” She whines.

Time’s up, and they leave for the day…

Game night

He punched him in the face like he had just insulted his religion, his mother, and his sexuality all in one perfectly constructed slur. As the tv screen showed the health bar empty by half and Ryu fell to the ground, KOed, the boys hooted in appreciation.

“No freaking way! Aww man what’s that move!” David shouted as his friend looked smugly back with a smile oozing with secrets. “Come on Reed! You gotta tell me!”

Reed shook his head, his lips stretching further back just a little bit more.

“Come on, what is it? What’s it called?”

“I don’t know what it’s called, it just looks cool. I did it by accident when Ben came over last week and now I can do it!”

“So tell me! Tell me!!” David grabbed his shoulders and shook.

“Not telling! I’m not telling! Figure out yourself!”

“Man, you’re stupid Reed.”

“Then what are you? Oh, right, a loser!” Reed chuckled from his brilliance.

“I’m so beating you up for that you idiot.”

The boys grabbed the controllers, getting ready for the next round. Lucky there was still five minutes before dinnertime.