The day Tom failed to mind the gap

Note: I’VE BEEN AWAY FOR WEEEKS NOOOOOOW!!! No excuses, I thought I would let the blog die especially since I felt like what I was writing was just plain crap (hah. I’ll join the crowd of writers who feel that way). Especially because it wasn’t conveying what I truly wanted to. I have done more research into psychotherapy/counselling/coaching (what I really want to do), spoken with my friends who have read the blog who say they quite liked it, and have consolidated my thoughts once more. Also, family came for a week so I was rejuvenating with them too. I’ll start off simple, and then we’ll work up again.

As the train doors opened, Tom squeezed his way through the crowd, determined to not let this day be the day he was late for work.

Yet as he pushed past the last person with a huff, he found himself tumbling, his leg twisting awkwardly. With a sudden terror, he realised his mistake: he had failed to mind the gap.

When they finally pulled him out, Tom immediately called in to work, apologising profusely for not being there with his clients and will be available within the next half hour. Limping his way up the stairs, refusing any medical attention, he felt sure that his boss would understand the great sacrifice that he had made. Surely he would be forgiven for celebrating his birthday the night before, for that was surely what everyone did!

Hopping now, Tom grit his teeth and hailed a taxi, giving the address and laying his leg down. Yes, they would surely understand how much he had given to the company, how much he had suffered through sleepless nights reading through all the required material, how he had decided, without hesitation, to give up his holiday to ensure that the audits were in top shape.

But there was no client where he arrived, only a pained whisper from his colleague that the boss wanted him. Puffing his chest out, confidence brimming through him, Tom knocked once, entered the office and close the door.

The shouting began immediately. Why was he late? There was an incident on the train. Why did he not allow time for such incidents? He normally did, but yesterday was his birthday and he had drunk too much. Why did he do so when he knew today was so important? Because it had been what he had always done every year. Besides, he had been on time every day for the past six years and had-

Tables were slammed. Spit was spewed. He was running a busy company damn it, and couldn’t afford any form of slacking, ever. The boss sent him out, slamming the door shut.

And so Tom returned to his desk and sat down in great pain, confused and dazed as to why the boss did not understand as he had expected.


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