Moving mistakes


She called out several more times as she tried to wake him up. He had said something about this once, just yesterday actually…

Snip snip, she carefully cut along the edges so that she would not disfigure the latest iteration of the Little Lumberjack characters. Among them, she really liked the way Sawdust Sam the most, always being blamed for something, but always finding a way out of it. She thought back to the episode where he saved a group of children from the horrible Bog using only-

“Ah!” Dropping her scissors, she felt a sharp pain run through her thumb before blood starting running. Tears welled up as she looked to the fireplace, not to the crackling of the flames themselves, but to the shadows they cast.

“Daddy!” She ran to him, thrusting her thumb out along the way. He looks up from his book and, understanding, he grabs the first-aid kit.

“Sophie, it hurts doesn’t it?” He asks as he sprays the disinfectant.

Sophie winces and gasps in reply as more tears are squeezed out.

“Mm. Sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes it’s you who makes that mistake, and it hurts. But you get better and you continue, alright?”

She nods, not quite understanding, her mind already looking forward to the concert they were going to tomorrow…


Someone had made a mistake today, bigger than the one she made yesterday. Someone had turned too fast, or turned too slow, or skidded somewhere. She doesn’t know all this, she only sees the pool of blood spreading out. Her thumb hurts, and it was painful to move at all, but she could see him as she laid trapped under the wreckage.

He would save him, wouldn’t he? He would get better and continue,

wouldn’t he?


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