The Staircase

Daddy carefully tip-toed on the staircase, newly painted red. Didn’t want to wake little Sebastian up from his baby sleep.

Sebastian climbed the staircase up to his room in the attic. They had tried to move him downstairs but he liked the view. Grabbing his colour pencils, he opened his drawing book…

He rushed up the stairs, locking the door behind him. Downstairs, mommy was complaining about how one of the steps was broken now. That’s all they did, complain all day. They’d never understand…

Daddy lifted the mattress off the bed frame to give them a wipe. It had been a year since his son had flown off for university. Didn’t call back as much as they had wished. Maybe he should repaint the staircase.

The family take their turn carrying boxes down. Sebastian mentions the peeling paint, and brings out a can of paint. So they spend their afternoon painting in celebration of his new job.

His leg was starting to ache a little with each step up the staircase, but they could not be overshadowed as he moved boxes down. Money had been tight ever since mommy and daddy had moved on. They needed anything they could get.

He opened the door leading to his old bedroom. Dust claimed every inch of space, so Sebastian and Jane brought the vacuum up. They had to prepare for the baby after all.

Wait. Why…

And just like that, the stair below him broke and he fell. It did not take him long to realise that he was unable to feel anything below his hip.

“Goodnight daddy.”


Jane led their child up to her room in the attic. The bill had been pricey.

Sebastian laid upon his bed in the attic. He had requested for the room when they found his health had started failing. Looking out, he realised that he really did have a wonderful view as the autumn leaves blew past him and he closed his eyes.


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